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Planning a trip to the Spanish capital? This travel guide will help you make the most out of your trip.

World-class museums, royal palaces, stunning art displays and a delectable food scene, this Spanish capital is full of life and culture – this gorgeous European city is an extravagant destination. We have put together a travel guide to help you get a taste of this beautiful capital city and help you plan your trip.  

When is the best time to visit Madrid?

Madrid is a traveler’s paradise throughout the year. Despite the heat, summer months are usually peak tourist season in Madrid. However, if you want to enjoy the walk and the weather, we recommend you travel during the spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November).

Top 5 Places You Must Visit

  • Royal Palace: This is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family. On your visit to Madrid, don’t forget to visit this extravagant palace and revel in centuries-old stunning art, furniture, and everything Royal. 
  • Plaza Mayor: Located in the main square itself, Plaza Mayor is filled with centuries worth of history and tradition. This iconic spot located in the heart of the city was once home to a popular market in the 15th century. Take a stroll through the renaissance square, grab a coffee and enjoy watch people in action.
  • National Archaeological Museum: Your travel to Madrid is never complete without paying a visit to the National Archaeological Museum to explore and understand Spain’s rich history. This massive museum exhibits a wealth of artifacts dated back from Prehistoric times to the Renaissance period.
  • Templo de Debod: This is a fascinating ancient Egyptian temple that was moved, block by block from Egypt in the 1970s. There’s a lot of history to this amazing building which is over 2,200-years-old. We highly recommend a visit to Templo de Debod, right before the sunset to enjoy the scenic vista at its best.
  • Museo del Prado: If you are an art lover, a visit to this museum is not to be missed! Find some of the stellar collection of masterpieces by renaissance and baroque masters. One of the most prized possession here is a piece of art called Las Meninas by Velázquez. This museum gives you a glimpse of the Spanish royal family life.

Must-have Local Food in Madrid

Local delights are definitely one of the best parts of traveling to a new destination. From Tapas to meat-and-potatoes to Churros and Hot Chocolate, Madrid is a true culinary adventure.

Here’s a list of some of the delicacies that you must try when in Madrid.

  • Cocido Madrileño, which is a traditional Spanish stew made from the flavorful broth of vegetables, chickpeas, chorizo sausage, and pork.
  • Huevos Rotos is fried eggs which is covered with meats such as ham and served over French fries.
  • Bocadillo de Calamares is also known as fried squid sandwich

Essential Travel Tips

  • One of the best ways to explore the destination without breaking your bank is to get hold of a Madrid Tourist Card. It gives you discounted access to many of the key landmarks in the city.
  • Most of the major museums are free the last two hours of the day so be sure to check their schedules! 
  • Hit up the Tapas bars for (often) free snacks while you drink wine or beer. But be aware that not every bar will have free tapas with your drinks.
  • Madrid is one of the best cities for nightlife in Europe and you can find nightlife to fit just about anything you’re into.

Hotels in Madrid

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